Thursday, December 6, 2007

Episode 11 "I'm to sexy for my clone"

It's just a working title for now. The board is 22 pages. That should be 2 minutes when timed out. I made it as economic as possible. There are essentially only 2 backgrounds which I zoom in and out on, the front shot of the urinals and a reverse angle of a tiled wall, and that's it for backgrounds. There are only a few scenes that require a decent amount of animation, but most scenes have little animation in them. I also used several scenes that are stills, you see that a lot in Ren and Stimpy and in Sponge Bob. Now that I can see the episode on the board, it is even funnier than just in script form. Scenes 9 to 18 is a series of weird cuts. I got the idea from this puppet guy on you-tube, I just love the energy of those jump cuts.

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